Monday, June 26, 2006

Getting Started

Hi All,

This is Steven Levy (Lev) and after a few small reunions with old friends we have decided it's time for a full out reunion. To that end I have set up this blog where I will post information from time to time related to the reunion. Please make sure to send me your email address and share this link so that we can make sure to track everyone down.

I've posted some photos which you can see by clicking on the link on the right side of the page. Thanks to Allan Bass for those snaps of the old neighborhood. If you have any photos new or old that you would like me to post just send them over.




Howie Freedman said...

Wow, thanks Lev for all your beloved rememberances. It is great to see Alan's pictures including Bresnicks. This reunion truly should be a wonderful time. It's been over 20 years since the last reunion. Am I correct?

Where will the reunion be held?
Midtown Manhattan could be cool, as one of my clients owns and operates a restaurant there. I have been the accountant several years. If you think that might work I could inquire.
It has a private room and would be
alot of fun. They don't have a liquor license, but BYOB has been ok with them in the past. The owners are very personable people.
Let me know. said...

Jeff Levinson says:

Any time or place is good for me ... Is there a suggested weekend(?) for this gala event? Maybe a thought, as Robin Gabel suggested is to go to the "Borsht Belt" like Nevelee or another small hotel, and make it a w/e ... A Saturday night stay over???


The Bus Conductor Hines said...

Jeff-are you still wacked after all these years? I never said the "borsht belt"; I suggested a hotel to make a weekend out of it but something with a bit more class! Truth is wherever and whenever, I look forward to the big event!

Robin Gabel said...

Oh, and by the way, the bus conducter hines...was me!

Anonymous said...

As organizer of Wingate Reunion 2000, all I can say is good luck to the organizers. I have some names and addresses of people that may apply to this. So if you like you can email me to see what I have.

Any one who went to that reunion would agree that a weekend in a hotel was far better than a dinner at a restaurant.

I'm available for advise and information but that's about it. I've moved on to other things.
Check out my web site and radio shows.

Abe Mittleman

Peter Kanstroom said...

Its so great to see all those pictures and to hear all your names after so many years. I'd love to meet with all and get reaquainted.

allan said...

How about a Missing Persons section and Memories Section?

Jay Sisselman said...

Hi All,
The photos bring back some great memories; like me getting robbed and tied up in Strauss Stores with Alan Hymowitz and Wayne Taub. Aside from that, its nice to see that old friends are still getting together. Jay

Jay Sisselman said...

rochelle nattboy salzman said...

great to see all the pictures keep me posted would love to get together to see everyone. living in fairfax virginia now

bonniebergstein said...

Steven Levy,
Now there's a name from the past. Weren't you one of the original 3 Stooges (nyuk,nyuk)? And Jeffrey Levinson and Robin Gable. Childhhod friends. I'd love to be part of the reunion. I'll also try to convince my sister Enid to come. My brother Buddy went back to the co-op a few years ago and took a bunch of photos. The co-op still looks the same.
Count me in.
Bonnie Ratner-Bergstein
1405 Richard Lane
Lake Worth, Fl. 33460

Robin said...

hi..this is exciting; seeing all these names that bring back so many warm feelings and memories.
amy wollman..rochelle, bonnie and all the guys...we grew up with so many great guy friends...
anyway, i wanted to post my e-mail and i hope to hear from my old know, no one ever knows you the way your old friends do...
really looking forward to seeing everyone.

robin gabel

Anonymous said...

Hi folks,

Sign me up. I go to the reunion whenever and wherever the reunion is held -- well downtown Beirut, maybe not.

Anyway some Harry Silver word association:
Some Harry Silver word association:

Mario, Cliff, B46, Wetson's, White Castle, Lee-Arn Diner, Floridian, Amity
bagel, Big Daddy's, Tastee Freeze, milk machine, 1965 blackout, 1966
transit strike, 1969 teachers strike, skelly, ringolivio, pinochle,
mahjong, Dr. Lessner.

Eddie Franklin

Anonymous said...

Message for Buddy,

Great pictures, I didn't realize the co-op looked so good, but what happened to the swings?
Also, I was unable to read the Harry Silver plaque. Can you tell me who he was and why the co-op was named in his honor?