Monday, March 05, 2007

Back in Action

Okay, I really don't have any good excuse why this has dragged on so long but I'm back in action. This weekend I sent out about 200 postcards the old fashioned way. These are addresses I accumulated from a bunch of places, the old reunion list, emails from people and Internet searches. I'm hoping this will reach some of the folks I haven't been able to find up till now. Within a few weeks I should know what sort of response it has generated and then I'll send out an email to the updated list and see if we can make this happen.


Larry said...

Lev, Just got your postcard. A reunion sounds great but many people go on vacation in the summer. Would the fall be a better time to get as many people together as possible? I loved all the photos that Jeff Levinson posted on this blogspot-brought back lots of memories...Larry Sisselman

Gary Lapayover said...

I don't recall a Steven Levy from the co-op, but i got your postcard this afternoon. it was intersting checking out your little site, especially seeing posts from the Sisselman Twins.I havn't checked the photo's yet, but The Co-op looks horrible these days, i drove by about two years ago. It is a city housing project now. Good Luck with your effort tho.

Amy Wollman said...

Stevie (that's the only way I know you since I moved away in 1968),

So glad you tracked down my brother with your postcard program. I think about my childhood friends often -- you, Jeffrey Levinson, Robin Gabel (Robin, how are you?!), the other Amy's, and many others, including my brother's friends who would steal my Halloween candy. Would love to reunite, so I'll keep checking in. Amy Wollman

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well with you. I just got back from a ski trip to St. Moritz Switzerland. Private bankers on every block. The Swiss citizen's biggest worry is what porche or audi will they buy this year.
I still remember Robert Altman who offed himself approx 35 years ago. He had alot of living to do.
I agree the summer would be
a more challenging time to schedule the reunion. Perhaps early June or September.

Anonymous said...

I didnt mean to post to anonymous
but I had no such luck setting
up a google account.
Howie Freedman

steve sitomer said...

Hi Steve,
Congratulations! are keeping the ball rolling.
Hopefully you can get some interest from the "Big Kids" like you're older brother etc
We'll be in NY around Oct13th so that's my vote.
Good luck
Steve Sitomer

Anonymous said...

This is Sheldon Awand. Lived 853 Midwood Street between 1948-63. Went to PS 221, Winthrop and Tilden. None of the people on your site are familiar to me but would like to attend a reunion if there are more diverse age group. In 1999 meet with Robert Stutman, Abe Mittleman, Richard Oakner, Steve Gabel do any of these names sound familiar to you?

Lev said...

Hi Sheldon, All those names sound familiar. They are friends of my older brother, Marty. Please send me your email address so I can make sure you get future updates. Steve

Anonymous said...

It is impossible to read any names and addresses,,,,,,,,,,PLEASE MAKE THIS LEGIBLE