Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mark Your Calendars--September 8th 2007

Hi All,

No single date is going to work for everyone but based on the feedback it looks like September 8th will be the date of the reunion. Now comes the hard part which is to find a place and put down a deposit and collect the money. I will be traveling for work until the end of the month and once I return I will try to finalize the rest of this as quickly as possible.


roberta gutterman said...

Please add me to your list - I posted yesterday for the first time, and cannot attend the reunion.
If any of you remember me, please contact me at

My first love was Elliott Weiss and I was devastated when I had to move away in 1959. I saw him once and awhile when returning to visit my grandparents, Gussie and Lou Maltz, and then we lost touch....

Looking forward to hearing from anyone in Ms.(that term wasn't even around then!) Francis (I loved her and Mrs. Moskowitz) kindergarten class in 1952 through my 6th grade class in 1959.

Roberta Gutterman

Robin said...

hi lev,

i just wanted to strongly suggest that we consider a hotel for the reunion.
most, if not all hotels have rooms appropriate for parties and by having it in that type of venue, we can enjoy more time with each other in the hotel beyond the time we have the room and we don't have to worry about driving after drinking for those of us who choose to stay and hang out all night...just like the old days, right?
i would be more than happy to help with the arrangements; just let me know.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Robin. I think a hotel setting would be best, too. Unfortunately, I am unable to help you organize from Scottsdale, AZ but know that your time and effort is greatly appreciated!
Shelly (Rochelle) Kranzman Basha
Scottsdale, AZ

bonniebergstein said...

Bonnie said,
I'm not sure if I can attend, but I was wondering if the reunion would be able to last for the whole week-end. For some people it would be impossible to attend on Shabbat. If it is held in a hotel that would be good for some of the out-of-towners.

Anonymous said...

For the people who can't attend, it might be nice if they could send a short tape or DVD segment that we could play at the reunion.