Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Update July 24

Hi All,

Just a quick update to the attendee list. Via snail mail and email word has it that the following people will be joining us:
Abe Mittleman
Richie Okner
Judy Goldman Barnett
Lillian Hymowitz
Jeffrey Brown
Celia Bauman Violante
Irene Rutkin Pearlman

For all you fence-sitters there's still time to join in.



Steve said...

Hi Everyone,

This is Steve Lewis and I just found out about the reunion. Thanks for getting this together. Great job Lev!! I've been mesmorized by the pictures and comments on the blog. Love it! My wife Stacey and I are planning to come to the reunion from Las Vegas, NV.

By the way does everyone remember playing "skelly." Burning melted color crayon into the bottle cap to make the cap shoot better, then firing the bottle cap around the numbers on the skelly court? That was a interesting and fun game.

Look forward to seeing everyone!!

-Steve Lewis

Anonymous said...

Great that you are "found" Last we heard you were in CA. What are you doing in Vegas? Love to hear from you.


Steve said...

Hi Allan,

How great it is to hear from you. I lived in California for 25 years. Then I met Stacey on JDate who lives in Henderson, NV (15 minutes from the strip) so I moved to Las Vegas and we were married last year and we are very happy. So I got married for the 1st time after all these years. It was worth the wait. Stacey is great and we're very happy. So that's how I got to Las Vegas. Happy story.

How are you Allan. I remember you were great at punch ball and your nickname was "By." All good memories.

I'm so excited to see everyone. How are you and who are you in contact with?

-Steve Lewis (slewis90@cox.net)