Monday, August 06, 2007

Dubrow's Cafeteria

Hi All,

I just received an email from Marcia Brickman Halperin who is working on a documentary about Dubrow's. If you have any old photo's or stories please send her a note at:

Here is a copy of her request:

While researching the Dubrow's Cafeteria that was located on Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue I happened upon your blog and upcoming reunion.
I am looking for old photographs and stories associated with that cafeteria and the neighborhood. I am currently working on a documentary film about NYC cafeterias with a focus on the Dubrow's chain in particular.
Perhaps you can post about this on your blog and mention this at your reunion.
Marcia Bricker Halperin


Eve said...

I have a blog which compiles Dubrow's stories, photos and memories. I know Marcia Bricker is familiar with it - she has been a regular contributor to my blog. But I thought I'd drop a note here and invite you to check out my blog, and share any stories you may have about Dubrow's.

The Eastern Parkway Dubrow's is the one that currently has the least memories, photos, and stories about it - perhaps because it closed earliest. So I would be particularly interested in anything you have about this location.

Eve said...

This is Eve again - I signed in under the wrong name. If you click on the link for THIS post, it will take you to my Dubrow's blog.

Or go here: